Ways to Save on Summer Bills


With summer here the bills can become a little overwhelming. Try out some of these ways to save money on summer bills:

1.  Shut down electronics when not in use.  “Vampire Power” is the power that devices use even when they are not in use.  To prevent “Vampire Power” unplug devices when they are no longer being used or use a smart strip that cuts the power when it it no longer needed.

2. Instead of using the oven that heats up the entire kitchen plan crock pot meals and some evenings cooking out  on the grill. Even look into using a toaster oven.  You might even try doing a pasta salad dinner every once in a while.

3. Keep heat from the dryer to a minimum by putting a clothes line up in your yard.  A clothes line can save you around $100 per year. Plus the smell of clothes that have been drying on the clothes line is amazing!

4.  Plants like trees and shrubs are great to shield your house from the heat from the sun.  Trees also release moisture that helps cool the air.

5. If it is possible cut back on the use of your air conditioning.  Put those ceiling and floor to use to help cool your house. Be sure to replace the air filters on a regular basis.  Also, did some air conditioner units have  filters that may need to be switched once a month.  Check your specific unit directions to see what is needed.

6. Natural light – open the windows and curtains to allow natural sun light in, rather then turning on the lights.

7. Look into getting a programmable thermostat.  You can save around 10% on your bill just by programming your thermostat higher for the 8 hours you are at work each day.

8. If your home has a basement head down there to stay cool.  Turn the AC higher then normal and head to the basement which is typically cooler then upper levels.

9. If your yard doesn’t offer a lot of shade to your house then you should look into getting solar screens.  Solar screens block out the light and heat from entering your home while still allowing you to see out.

If you put some or all of these tips into action this summer you should start to see savings on your bills. Feel free to share any summer savings tips you may have in the comments below.