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Frugal Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

A few hours of hard work and some imagination are at the center of these frugal ways to upgrade your bathroom.  No matter what your budget may be, these tips can help you to have a bathroom that feels fresh, new and clean again.  No longer will you feel like your bathroom is too ugly or drab for company to use.  These tips will give you a fresh new bathroom in no time.

Frugal Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Frugal Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Replace outlet covers, hardware and fixtures.  A few dollars can be a huge change in your bathroom.  Find some fun, funky or unique outlet covers, drawer hardware or even light fixtures to change out and create a new look.  You may even want to change out towel racks if possible.  Changing these little things can totally change the way your bathroom looks.

Change out shower curtain and rugs.  Shower curtains and rugs can give your bathroom a totally new look.  Go with a new theme and spend $25-$50 on nice new rugs for the floor, shower curtains or curtains if there is a window in your bathroom.

Change out faucets and shower heads.  These can be a bit more work and sometimes pricey, but you can often find great deals on faucets and shower heads at home improvement stores.  A few minutes of your time can change the entire look of the bathroom when you upgrade so all of your handles and fixtures are the same material (chrome, ceramic, nickel plated).

Add a fresh coat of paint.  A fresh coat of paint I always a great way to brighten up any room.  This is, in fact one of the best frugal ways to upgrade your bathroom since a gallon of paint an cost under $10 and cover the entire room in smaller bathrooms!  Add some stenciled designs around the top border for a fun unique addition to bring the room together.

Invest in an upgraded toilet. A new toilet may seem like a big expense, but it can actually be fairly inexpensive.  Installing may be tough, but worth it in the long run.

Add new shelving.  There are tons of great shelving options that can add not only storage to your bathroom, but a place to put decorative items like a jar of potpourri, a piece of artwork or similar items.  There are over the toilet hanging shelves, simple storage shelves and floating shelves you can install anywhere on the wall.

Hang a few pieces of artwork.  A nice painting, framed quote or shadowbox of keepsakes or themed items is  great way to upgrade your bathroom.  Adding something fun and beautiful that matches your new color scheme or décor will help upgrade the bathroom without costing a lot of money.

These frugal ways to upgrade your bathroom are great for any budget needs.  They are also so simple to accomplish even a DIY novice can manage with ease.  No need to call in a handy man when these ideas are easy enough for anyone to do on their own.

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