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How To Clean Your Home On a Whim

How To Clean Your Home On a WhimCleaning is such a time consuming chore. To help cut down on the time you spend cleaning we have put together some tips on how to clean your home on a whim. Sometimes cleaning can pile up to the point that you have to spend hours cleaning. After all, cleaning is a never ending chore. It is time to put it in its place. When you don’t have time for a deep clean, and company is already on the way, these tips will come in handy.

Baskets: Baskets will become your best friends when you need to clean your home on a whim. Purchase some baskets that match your decor. Use your landing on the stairs, or even a cubby to give the baskets a place to sit. When you are in a rush, throw your extra clutter like kids toys, clothes, and magazines into a basket and put the baskets in their place. They are a lifesaver when the in-laws are half an hour away and you have at least two hours of cleaning to do. You can also tuck the clutter away in a closet if you have a huge mess to tackle.

Lint Rollers: Lint rollers are great to use on more than just clothes. Use them on your furniture to get rid of animal hair. This also helps cut back on the time you take to vacuum. You can even use them to dust lampshades. The lint roller will hold onto the dust instead of flinging it around as it would with a traditional feather duster.

Dryer Sheets: You can use dryer sheets on TV screens, computer monitors, and keyboards. They hold onto dust extremely well and are great for getting smudges off of screens. With their anti-static properties they will even help your furniture repel dust.

Play-Doh: It is not only a kids toy. If you spill glitter, shatter a glass, or otherwise make a mess of hard to pick up particles, grab a can of Play-Doh. Use it like a sponge, dab the area that needs to be cleaned up and it will hold onto the glitter, glass or whatever it is that you are trying to pick up.

Vacuum: Spending a few minutes vacuuming can really help the cleanliness of your home. Run over high traffic areas and use the wand attachment to do a quick sweep of the hard floors and any area that you dusted. Make vacuuming your last step in the cleaning process so it picks up any dirt fell to the ground while picking up.

We have all been there. The house is a mess and company is on the way. Instead of panicking, use these tips to clean your home on a whim. They will save you so much time and frustration. Share any tips that you have with us in the comments!

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